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Controversial Dock Street Development Gets an Endorsement

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Two Trees Management's proposal for a 17-story rental building near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge has angered locals ever since the skyline-obscuring plans were first announced. Quite ingeniously, Two Trees added a 300-student middle school to the proposed building, knowing that if there's one thing well-heeled Dumboites can't really protest, it's a shiny new educational facility for their progeny. Or so they thought! The latest chapter in the Dock Street battle comes via the Daily News, which reports that School Construction Authority President Sharon Greenberger announced the agency's support of the project.

City Councilman David Yassky, a critic of the building, responded by saying, "I'm encouraged [Department of Education officials] finally seem to be recognizing the desperate need for a middle school. Now they need to engage in a serious conversation about where is best to put it." Meow! The road to victory is still a long one for Two Trees, but the Walentas clan has to be thrilled with this news. Said Jed Walentas, "We think the building is a win-win for everybody. I find it hard to believe that people can be opposed to this project." Uh, we're talking about Brooklyn, aren't we, Jed? Because we're pretty sure we could find someone who's opposed to puppies and sunshine over there.
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