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CurbedWire AM Special: Hot Karl Too Hot, Papi

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WILLIAMSBURG?A Curbed tipster sends in the above photos and writes, "Truck on fire on North 9th and Roebling Street, spotted this morning around 8:30. Not sure what development this is, but the truck was related to the construction site. As I got closer, a construction worker told me 'Stand back, Papi, it's going to explode.' A couple minutes later, FDNY showed up and put it out." Well, this is Karl Fischer City, and indeed the prolific architect is never more than a roasted marshmallow toss away. This is 261 North 9th Street, a source tells us, slated for five stories and 91 units of blazin' Hot Karl goodness. Perhaps a fireplace made of twisted metal is just the latest new Williamsburg amenity? If so, we have a few suggestions. [CurbedWire Inbox]