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2 Gold Street Doesn't Trust Anyone Over 37

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[Photo via Flickr/Randy_Levine]

Ever since Rockrose threw open the doors on its massive luxury rental building at 2 Gold Street in the Financial District three years ago, it has been the home of choice for first-time New York renters?replacing the Upper East Side's Normandie Court ("Dormandie") and a crew of others. The reason is threefold: no fees, youngsters now think the UES is lame, and 2 Gold has that big landscaped roof deck with the sunbathing lawn. It's been the FiDi's dirty little secret, but it ain't a secret no mo', because the glorified dorm gets anointed as the New Normandie in a very entertaining Sun story today. More than half the tenants in the 51-story tower are first-time renters, which is all fun and games until the life clock crystal embedded in your palm starts blinking:

"I don't remember a single person there over 37," a tenant who moved out of 2 Gold St. two weeks ago, Steven Miller, said. "If you're between 22 and 38, that's pretty much 100% of the people there."Well, maybe inside the building, but we're pretty sure there will now be a crowd of creepy old Wall Street types hanging out near the front doors for the next few weeks.
· First-Time Renters Are Leaving Uptown In Droves [Sun]

2 Gold Street

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