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CurbedWire: LES/EV Rezoning Rallies, Zinc Gets Fitted

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LES/CHINATOWN?With the public meetings regarding the rezoning of the East Village and Lower East Side approaching fast, parties on all sides of the conflict (Bowery and Chinatown residents complain they're being left out, and luxury development will drive them all out) are on an all-out flier campaign to alert the public and schedule discussions on the matter. Above, just a small selection of the materials making the rounds. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TRIBECA?The Zinc Building on Canal Street?excuse us, Greenwich Street?shares an architect with the East Village's One Ten 3rd, but the developers will be damned if they're going to have a One Ten 3rd World on their hands. A tipster reports: "All units with east exposures are at this very moment getting matching floor-to-ceiling shades installed on all windows. the good ones - that aren't spring loaded." They do things differently down in Tribeca, don't they? [CurbedWire Inbox]