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Tribeca Warehouse to Get Heavy Metal-Loving Twin Brother?

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We're not saying that today's architects are bereft of new ideas, but when they start copying the building next door, you have to wonder. The Spain-based developers of a proposed six-story apartment building at the corner of Laight and Greenwich Streets in Tribeca have decided to fashion their creation in the exact likeness of a 1905 warehouse next door at 71 Laight Street. The ditto development, designed by architect Morris Adjmi, does at least have one quality that would differentiate it from it's neighbor: it would be made out of aluminum. But other than that minor tweak, how alike will they look? The Tribeca Trib reports: "Under the proposal, the new building would be finished in panels of a marine-grade aluminum composite, etched and textured to resemble the original red-brick warehouse. Visually, the new structure would appear almost as a photographic negative of the old building." Weird. And...awesome? "It's between genius and madness," said a Community Board 1 member. That's sort of how we feel. Tribeca residents should expect to start seeing double next summer, when work on the 32-unit building could begin. The CB1 advisory committee approved the designs, but there are still many more steps involved, this being the Tribeca North Historic District and all. A parking garage sits on the property now. ?Brooks of Sheffield

[Photo via PropertyShark]
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