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Brooklyn Hotel Slaughter: Rooms Slashed in Half?

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Back in October, architect/soothsayer Gene Kaufman?speaking on a panel about the Brooklyn hotel boom?told the assembled crowd (which included voracious hotel developer Sam Chang) that projects "that don't make sense won't get built." It may be time to ask ol' Gene what his lucky numbers are, because a Post report claims that of the 5,000 new hotel rooms planned for Brooklyn, more than half may never see their first check-in. According to an industry expert, of the roughly 25 Brooklyn hotels in the pipeline, many planned for Downtown Brooklyn and Williamsburg, only seven will be completed within the next three years. That's a total of about 2,000 hotel rooms, which would still significantly increase the borough's current tally of 1,200. Blame that damn credit crunch, not the fate-altering words of Gene Kaufman. Dude had at least five projects in the works, himself. And as for where to stash your parents for the weekend, um, duh...
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