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Construction Watch: Hot Karl's NV is Green & PriceChopped

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Compared to its Hot Karl Cousin at N. 8 and Roebling, which could be called the Turtle Building for the tortuous rate at which it's been rising, the Karl Fischer at N. 5 & Berry known as NV 101 N5, a former Development Du Jour, has gone up in the blink of an eye. Our green friend has gone up super-fast by any standard and much more quickly than the other members of the Williamsburg Hot Karl Collection. A quick scan of Streetasy also shows that the many unsold units have gotten a drive-by from the PriceChopper and have fresh buzz cuts, but that they're in the very modest range of, say, $7,000 off units originally priced at $535,000 or $75,000 off the top priced $1.5M condo.
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