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Tribeca's Ultimate Teardown Now the Ultimate Sale?

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Has the long saga of Tribeca's Skylofts penthouse ended with a bang? The Observer reports that the glass duplex atop 145 Hudson Street, priced at $34.5 million, has gone to contract. If sold at that price, it would break the downtown record of $33.148 million paid for the townhouse at 11 West 10th Street. This is actually the second penthouse built atop the converted industrial building, of course. The first became the ultimate teardown when the Landmarks Preservation Commission ruled it was slightly too big. The original's steel structure remains, but 10% of the perimeter was cut. In the process, buyers had their closings delayed for years. We couldn't let the penthouse slip by without ogling it, so check out the renderings, then have a go at the floorplans to bear witness to 12,000+ square feet so nice, they built it twice.
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