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Red Hook Residents Wonder If Real World or Ikea Sucks More

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Okay, so the Red Hook crowd can be a tough one to win over. That having been said, the comments about Real World from some residents and business owners in today's amNY and some of the background color are pretty rough even by Red Hook standards. Why? Well, let's start with the guy that says: "I heard about how people gave the Philadelphia cast a hard time -- I hope we do the same." Friendly. Then, let's consider the woman who says it's cool if they respect the neighborhood, but wonders: "But the question is, will they respect it? If you get drunk and throw up -- throw up on your own front steps." Also, it's noted that the cast isn't spending much time in the Hook, largely because a lot of the bars told them to take a hike. An employee of Steve's Key Lime Pies, which is also housed on Pier 41 where the cast is living says it's been pretty "low key" because "everybody in Red Hook is saying 'no way,' and shutting the door on them." The legendary Sunny's Bar, for instance, banned the cast. The owner of Bait & Tackle says: "This is going to be the realest Real World ever because the regulars at bars like mine are going to treat the cast like crap." On the positive side, people are quoted as saying that Ikea sucks way more than the Real World cast. One could say that they should have set up in Williamsburg, but then, there seem to be issues with that too, although the Mormon dude is making out with models.
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