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As the Astroland Turns: Bloomberg Wants One-Year Reprieve

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Somehow, one might have sensed that this Astroland thing was not entirely done and that the Coney Island land on which it sits wouldn't be a vacant lot by the end of the year. Yesterday, barely a day after the gates were slammed shut for the "final time" on the amusement park, an unnamed official was telling the Daily News that the city wanted the park's lease extended so that it could finish up Coney Island rezoning. Late yesterday, a very named "city official" spoke. This is what Mayor Bloomberg (who was last seen in Coney Island in November kicking sand at developer Joe Sitt along with then-Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff) said: "What we’re trying to do is to get Astroland to have another one-year extension of their lease so that we can get the rezoning done and then hopefully come to an agreement with Thor." The city often very public fight with developer Joe Sitt has been ongoing for more than two years. In November, the city said it would acquire all of the developer's holdings in the amusement district including Astroland for a big amusement park. In the Spring, it backtracked significantly, offering Mr. Sitt an olive branch in the form of acres of land that he'd be allowed to keep, including part of the Astroland property, which he bought in 2006 for $30 million. The city hopes to have it big rezoning done next year.
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