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CurbedWire: Carnegie Hill Penthouse Drama, Crazed Broker

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UPPER EAST SIDE?Following yesterday's somewhat heated exchange on the proposed penthouse for a penthouse at 150 East 93rd Street in Carnegie Hill, the 93rd Street Beautification Association sends word on yesterday's Community Board 8 subcommittee vote: "After a very brief and, at best, cursory moment for public inquiry, a Board member in the very first row (a tall older gentleman in an elegant suit) raised his hand and said that since the Board always approves this sort of thing he thought it was time to end the discussion and simply approve the Penthouse Owner's application for a SPECIAL PERMIT. In that singular moment it became utterly clear that Community Board 8 had absolutely no intention of NOT approving the Co-Op Board President's request to let him build a Penthouse on top of his Penthouse on historic East 93rd Street." [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE?Remember the dude who sued Warburg Realty, arguing he was forced to sell his West 79th Street apartment for below market value because his broker had a mental breakdown after an an open house?an episode that involved stripping naked, trashing the apartment and defecating in the closet? We received an update on the case, and apparently the seller represented himself in court, despite, oh, not being a lawyer.

Per the press release, "Mr. Farash won the Breach of Contract component of his lawsuit. The Court noted that Farash was 'entitled to Summary Judgment.' The Court ruled that, 'Jane Doe's psychotic episode violated the contract's essential purpose.' Mr. Farash states, 'To survive Summary Judgment against a powerful law firm is very difficult. For a pro-se to win at Summary Judgment is unusual.' However, he does not recommend or encourage others to self-represent." Fair enough. [CurbedWire Inbox]

150 East 93rd Street

150 East 93rd Street, New York, NY