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West Village's Mini-Meier Becomes Mini-Clubhouse

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The full Open House New York schedule is up (no Gramercy Park this year? Arlene wins!), and the first Manhattan site listed is the Glass Townhouses at 163 Charles Street, aka the mini-Meier. It got us thinking about the three-unit Far West Village development, so we dispatched roving Curbed photographer Will Femia to snap some progress shots. As you can see in the above, the building came out looking a lot less Meier-like than originally rendered. Good to see the big balconies?meant to peek around Meier's 165 Charles Street next door?didn't get value engineered out. So, now that it's ready, who will be living in this thing?

Two units, the third- and fourth-floor duplex as well as the fifth floor one-bedroom apartment, were bought by an LLC set up with a Scottsdale, Arizona address. The duplex went for $5.328 million, and the smaller place went for $2.5 million. A little research on The Google reveals that the units were bought by Solstice, a vacation club for the super-wealthy. According to their website, the cheapest membership option involves a deposit of $615,000 and dues of $34,000. The three-bedroom duplex is now known as "Ellington," and the fifth floor is "Coltrane." Some photos from the furnished Ellington are in the gallery above. A glorified crash pad? We're not sure how these folks are going to feel about that.
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