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San Gennaro Gets Underway, But Some Aren't Celebrating

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For so many years, the residents of Little Italy and Chinatown took the punishment of the Feast of San Gennaro without putting up much of a fight. But now that fewer than 1,000 Italians live in the neighborhood and the mob exists only in reruns (OK, maybe that's not true), residents tired of the annual street-fair shitshow have been mounting a defense. A futile one. Sure, there's been a pinch of community board outrage here, a dash of permit denials there, but every year the tourist trap returns and gifts the neighbors with jammed streets, mountains of garbage and bleach?so much bleach! This year, however, the locals are taking their campaign online. We've received word from frightened neighbors, boxed-in neighbors and neighbors playing the violation of licenses angle. None of those compare to the following e-mail we recently received, a plea for assistance that is both desperate and heart-wrenching.

As a member of the Little Italy neighborhood and on behalf of all of us who live in this area who resent the San Gennaro festival, your recent posting about the event was much appreciated. The truth needs to come forward about this despicable affair. As a community, we once again have no voice-- this past year we we exhausted all the democratic processes to avert this rampage of our quality of living, by means of Community Board meetings, committee meetings, meetings with city officials, etc. Many promises were made, none were kept. We look to you to possibly get our word, and the truth, out. Help.That's the Feast of San Gennaro, folks! Kicks off today, continues until September 21st. Save us a zeppole!
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