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This is the Sound of Gentrification in Crown Heights

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When people start saying things like "Williamsburg has moved over here," it's time to check up on a nabe's gentrification status. So it is with Crown Heights in today's Sun, via the major thoroughfare of Franklin Avenue, which is calls "an increasingly powerful magnet for recent college graduates and young professionals seeking affordable rent and access to mass transit." It's bye-bye bodegas, hair salons and fast places and hello to organic markets, cafés and boutiques. As if the description isn't enough to convince that the G Word is at play in the neighborhood, a local business owners offers that comment that "Williamsburg has moved over here." (The story quotes average rents for 1BR apartments around $1,200 a month.) And finally, there's the co-owner of a recently opened beer garden who says of Franklin Avenue: "Over the next five years, it's going to become like Boerum Hill's Smith Street or Park Slope's Fifth Avenue." Case closed.
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