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CurbedWire: SmartCar Tries to Recycle Itself, Beyonce Pre-Sighing in the Burg

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WEST VILLAGE?We do love our SmartCar sightings. One of them this week particularly stands out, if only because it looks like this little guy/girl is so smart he/she is trying to recycle himself/herself. Way to be green! The tipster who sent the photo, however, sees the situation differently, writing: "Proof that Smart Cars get no respect. Found this guy on 12th Street at 7th Ave, across from St. Joseph’s. (I know, old news on the gentrification front)...Hopefully, sanitation won’t mistake it for recycling." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?We have a celebrity pre-sighting in the Burg. A knowledgeable source writes: "Beyonce and Common will be shooting a music video in the Apartments & Lofts office at 171 Bedford Avenue tonight from 7:00 to 12." Yes, it's raining, but anyone that feel like standing around the Burg for a Beyonce sighting, this is where they need to be. [CurbedWire Inbox]