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Visual Aids: Guide to the Bowery 2.0

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The news that Lord. Norman. Foster. is coming down to the Bowery to show the formerly gritty boulevard how they do it in Jolly Ol' England hit Vanishing New York's Jeremiah like a ton of glass. He muses long and hard on the changing cityscape ("This tsunami is not to be outrun. No neighborhood is safe."), but the focus is on the Bowery, and all the changes it has undergone. As a visual aid, he assembled the above collage of all the buildings that have recently sprung up or are being planned, a greatest hits collection if there ever was one. His conclusion: "Four years ago, none of this existed. That's fast, that's big, and that's not business-as-usual in the ever-changing city." Now if only we could get those buildings turned into action figures. Dibs on the New Museum!
· Bowery Tsunami [Vanishing New York]

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