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Curbed PriceChopper: Bloodbath at Verdi on Adelphi

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Then: $699,000
Now: $599,000
You Save!: $100,000!

The PriceChopper has gone wild over at the Verdi on Adelphi, the Gene Kaufman-designed condo in Fort Greene that is quite proximate to the BQE. The top-priced $699,000 units in the building have taken $100,000 hits as of three days ago, per Streeteasy. The units have been on the market for 589 days and only three are in contract, meaning that nothing has moved since early in the year. We don't know whether resistance to the Verdi is due to aesthetics (some have opined that it's "the ugliest building in Brooklyn"), location (some would consider it the ass end of Fort Greene) or the original high price points (some would consider $699K for the location a tad on the higher end of the scale). The question is whether the $100K buzz cut on the top unit or the $40K chop-chop on the lowest price 1BR unit, bringing it down to $325K is enough to prompt movement or not. Or whether another visit from the Chopmeister will eventually come.
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