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Die Hard Donut Scum

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The Villager has the definitive account of last week's "Donut Riot" at Tompkins Square Park, which?even though there were five arrests and one tasing?probably doesn't rank in the Top 10 Tompkins Square Park Riots: "Outraged fans surrounded the police car, one screaming over and over, 'He hasn’t done anything, he was singing in the park.' Several others started banging on the car’s hood, as one man climbed onto its trunk. The sound of bottles breaking against pavement mingled with the wail of sirens as more police cars rushed into the park. Police dragged the man off the top of the unmarked car and handcuffed him as others overturned a garbage can and threw debris onto the car’s roof. A third man ran toward another police car before being thrown to the ground and arrested." [Villager]