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Open House Open Thread

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Forget summer. Forget flip-flops, short-shorts, the Jitney and chilled glasses of rosé. Forget it all. The NFL has kicked off, there are new episodes of Gossip Girl on the air, Fashion Week raged and Boulud has reopened Daniel. All that can only mean one thing: we are out of the doldrums and into the heat of battle. And while some brokers say the summer season wasn't nearly as slow and they expected, it's time for the real show to begin. So let's open a thread for a discussion of open house visits. If you're out and about in the New York City real estate market this weekend, let us know what you're seeing out there: crowd sizes, market conditions, great or gruesome finds, and of course, reports on any sellers displaying their unmentionables. Your thoughts in the comments, if you please.