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CurbedWire: High Line Going Very Green, Franconia Rooftop Palace Plop Rejected

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MePa?The Greening of the High Line is going very, very well. A special Curbed Correspondent sends the photo above, showing that things have gone way beyond last week's delivery of perennials: "As seen from the entrance at 10th Avenue and 18th Street, early last evening. Tours were given in advance of a benefit dinner at Craftsteak to benefit Friends of the High Line." Grow little plants. Grow. [CurbedWire Staff]

UPPER WEST SIDE?Among those with great faith in the future of the New York City real estate market is the board of the Franconia Apartments on W. 72 Street. Those with a memory for such things might recall that it had a perch available for rooftop plopping. The building was asking $8.7 million for "the rights to build a deluxe custom duplex home on its rooftop." A tipster writes the following terse, yet attention-getting email: "Board rejected full price offer!" For real. [CurbedWire Inbox]