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San Gennaro: MANGIA or MENACE?

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To us, the photo above could be a garbage pile seen on any corner throughout the city on a weekend, but to the tipster who sent the picture to Curbed and Eater, the scene on Mulberry and Spring Streets Saturday night is just another reason to hate the Feast of San Gennaro. As we're well aware, the annual 11-day festival is a lightning rod of controversy, and now that luxury development is flooding Nolita (290 Mulberry, 211 Elizabeth, 11 Spring, etc.), the neighborhood-crippling Italian heritage fest is under an even greater microscope.

Personally, we can't get enough of the rage some people feel when it comes San Gennaro, so while there's still a few more days left in this year's edition (it ends Sunday), we'd like to ask Curbed readers to do exactly what this tipster did: send us photos that show why you hate San Gennaro. Garbage mountains, inaccessible sidewalks, decibel meters spinning out of control, dudes pouring bleach onto the street?the more miserable the evidence, the better. Send them to or add them to the Curbed Photo Pool, and we'll run the best of the worst. Who knows, there might even be a pack of tube socks in store for the photographer of our favorite.
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