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On the Market: $12.8 M Burg Bakery Mansion, Will Have Friends

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This could be one of our favorite Brooklyn listings, partly because we never knew that this fabulousity was lurking behind these modest brick walls. The listing bills it as a "Private Mansion for sale. Fabulous conversion space." It's a 12-room, $12.8 million charmer at the corner of S. 4 Street and Kent Avenue in the Burg, in a rather bleak spot across the street from the old Domino Sugar plant. The listing also tells us that it was originally a bakery before having its 15,000 square feet "converted to a fantastic residence and work space." Ah, but wait, this is no ordinary Burg mansion it's also zoned for both commercial and residential use and there are some air rights goodies that ensure "this property has endless possibilities." Endless. Did we mention that some of the New Domino development towers will be going up across the street on Kent Avenue and also in a huge parking lot across the street on S. 4 Street.
· South 4th Street Listing [Cocoran]

New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY