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Herzog & de Meuron's 56 Leonard: The Insta-Reviews!

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Some reaction, enthusiastic and otherwise (but mostly enthusiastic), to today's big reveal...

1) Justin Davidson: "The tower's shape broadcasts an anti-cookie-cutter aesthetic; no two floor plans are identical, which will complicate the lives of construction workers and real-estate brokers but act as a potent tonic to New York’s standardize-or-die commandment." [NYM]

2) James Gardner: "To judge from the renderings, the overall conception of 56 Leonard St. is inspired, even if its ultimate success will depend on the quality of handiwork, which obviously cannot be judged until the very last scaffold has been removed. Still, talk of satin-etched glass, pale woods, travertine pavers, and high-gloss black lacquer accents certainly sounds promising." [Sun]

3) Triple Mint: "This project could be the capstone to an era. One thing is for sure: it is another step in the transformation of Tribeca into Triburbia, where nannies push strollers by day and black towncars idle at night. Manhattan as stage set for wealthy foreigners and tourists." [TM]
4) Peter Kiefer: "So far there have been double-digit sales, according to the developer." [Sun]

5) Wired New York commenter: "32 years from now, LPC will be landmarking this one." [WiredNY]

6) Anonymous Curbed commenter: "How will it impact Five Franklin? That's a hedgehog compared to this masterpiece. Don't understand the squished Silly Putty 'art' though. Distracts from the building." [Curbed]
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56 Leonard St

56 Leonard Street, Manhattan, NY 10013