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Waiting for Boymelgreen: Slope's Novo Playground Still Screwed

The saga of developer Shaya Boymelgreen's Novo Park Slope is not confined to the condos themselves. There is what one might call the Boymelpark, the section of the adjoining park that the developer was supposed to improve after using it for construction staging. At one point, the local community board suggested that the Novo not get a Certificate of Occupancy if Terrapin Playground wasn't fixed and it's been the subject of some local bitterness. Well, people are living in the Novo, but today Daily News reports that "Terrapin remains fenced off to the public, filled with wooden beams, half-dug trenches and a patchwork of cement." So far two planned ribbon cutting ceremonies have had to be canceled. The work was supposed to be finished in Summer 2007. (The construction of the Novo itself was an epic undertaking.) The Parks Department is in contact with the developer about "expediting the work."
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