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Duffy is Back and Broadway's Got Him

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Father Francis Duffy made his Broadway debut back in 1937 and then continued that non-stop run for almost 70 years. In 2006 the good Father, wrought in bronze by sculptor Charles Keck, left the Great White Way for a bit of rest and rehabilitation. In his absence a new show for TKTS has been struggling to open, but the curtain is yet to go up. Now Francis P. Duffy is back, buffed and burnished, and ready to save the day. He can be found standing tall on his granite pedestal at the north end of Times Square, the centerpiece of one of the more seriously delayed and seriously complicated productions in recent memory. Fnally it looks like the Stairway to Nowhere is actually going somewhere. Let Father Duffy show the way. And cue that curtain.
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Father Duffy Square, New York, NY 10019