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96th Street Subway Overhaul is Complete, Says Trade Mag

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The MTA's overhaul of the 96th Street subway station at Broadway?one of the oldest stations in the whole system?was a smashing success that caused zero inconvenience! So says the future, brought to us in the form of a union construction trade magazine included in the goodie bag at a recent Real Deal forum. In reality, the project may not even be out of the ground, but don't tell that to whomever wrote the accompanying text to this station rendering?which, to our knowledge, has never before been released. Kooky!

The entire 80,000 sq. ft. rehabilitation of the 96th street station was completed in 40 months with no interruption of service to the 10,000 riders commuting daily. The $65 million renovation included new elevators and a new stainless steel and titanium head-house. To accommodate the station's head-house, Broadway had to be reconfigured for four blocks.Well, if it's done, then why isn't there a photo of the actual station instead of an illustration? Says a Curbed tipster of the whole affair: "A wee bit premature, but holy shit nonetheless." Indeed! Lookin' good, Broadway! Is that the Ariel East sneaking into the frame? You just can't keep those community-upsetting skyscrapers out of the spotlight!
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