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Curbed Fall Reset

As we pull out of the lazy summer months?Rem! Lord Norm! Jacques and Pierre!?a reminder on how to help us help you. 1) Tips: Sure, comments are great, but photos from the field, juicy intel and queries to the tipline are what keeps the Curbed lifeblood pumping. Anonymity is always guaranteed. Share with us at C'mon, everybody's doing it! 2) Curbed Photo Pool: Feel free to drop all manner of interesting visuals (construction updates, destructoporn, fishy doings) in our Flickr photo pool. Log in to your Flickr account and join that sucka! 3) Curbed Newsletter: Want a daily rundown of Curbed headlines delivered directly to your inbox? So efficient! So on-the-go! To sign up, just put your e-mail address into that little box on the top right corner of the homepage and click sign up, and we'll handle the rest?free of charge! Who loves ya, baby?