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Now in Park Slope: Stabbing, Break Ins, Fear of a 'Crime Wave'

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Is the sky falling in bucolic Park Slope, peaceful land of the stroller moms? Well, reading the local message boards one gets a sense that some people are getting tense. Here's a sample post on Brooklynian:

Whats going on with all the crime in the neighborhood. last week i saw a group of teens break a dont walk sign and then run into the park. there are broken car windows EVERYWHERE!!!! i know people are after nav systems but i think it is just a bunch of teens with nothing else better to do i thought this was one of the safest places to live. whats going on is it punk teens or is there money to be made by all this? Another poster complains of having the wheel covers stolen from his car:

Is it just my bad luck, or is crime picking up in Park Slope? Tonight I found all my hubcaps stolen off my 6 week old VW Rabbit (parked under a streetlight on 7th St between 6th & 7th Ave)?4 weeks ago, had Iron gate stolen from apartment entrance on 6th St?.Uhg.And, then, there was a stabbing yesterday involving high school kids at 3:30 in the afternoon near Seventh Avenue. Also, it's unclear if the serial windshield wiper thieves have been caught. On the plus side, the city's CompStat report for the local precinct doesn't really show reported crime going up in any significant way, and no one's been chased down and hacked up with a machete.
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