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Wall Street Burns While Philippe Starck's Violin Gently Weeps 'La Bamba'

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Last night, in a particularly bad case of timing, the launch of the Moinian Group's Philippe Starck-designed luxury rental building at 95 Wall Street happened to coincide with the biggest one-day drop in the stock market since 2001. No matter! Blogger EV Grieve was on hand to document the mood on the Dwell95 red carpet, and he reports that the atmosphere was rather festive in the face of mounting layoffs and losses down the street. There was a tux-clad musician playing a violin, but if you think that he slowly bowed a dirge to fit the somber events of the day, you'd be mistaken. Oh my, how mistaken you would be!

You know, covering a musician who died in a plane crash probably wasn't the most uplifting of song choices on that particular day.
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