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State Misled Investigators on Deutsche Bank Building Hiring

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The Times' William Rashbaum and Charles Bagli have an update into the investigation surrounding last year's deadly fire at the Deutsche Bank Building demolition site just south of Ground Zero, and it ain't pretty. The Manhattan district attorney's office has been looking into the fire?which killed two firefighters?and the state's hiring of an unknown subcontractor called the John Galt Corporation to handle the demolition of the building, which was badly damaged in the 9/11 attacks. The Times turns up a document dated a year before the fire in which city investigators accuse state development officials of overlooking Galt's questionable business ties and then misleading investigators about the hiring. Galt workers had removed a portion of the building's standpipe before the fire, meaning firefighters battling the blaze on top of the building couldn't get water. JP Morgan Chase is supposed to build a 42-story something-or-other on the Liberty Street site once the cursed building finally comes down.
· Before Big Fire, a City Warning Over Contractor [NYT]

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