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CurbedWire: Bad Time To Wash the F'ing Building, Desperate in Greenwood Heights

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WEST VILLAGE?It looks like someone is not to happy about their "fucking building" being cleaned on Waverly Place. Per the tipster who sends the pic above: "Just snapped this across the street. As I was watching, the woman kept peering from around her sign and pointing at the workers below...136 Waverly place is putting up scaffolding to apparently wash the brickwork - and the tenants aren't happy about it! The sign reads: 'Yes folks, in these financially strapped times we are washing (underlined) the fucking building. Ever the slaves (underlined multiple times) to fashion @ 136.' Maybe she's a Lehman Bros former employee...." Now, now. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWOOD HEIGHTS?This plea for help from someone trying to rent his place arrived with the subject line "GREAT PLACE" and while it's not something we normally do, there's something oddly touching about his email plea: "I am turning to curb as my last resort. I have a great 1br place in greenwood heights for $1350. A bunch of young couples have come to look at the place but no one seems to be interested, it took me two years of hell to find this spot, whether it was sleeping in bunkbeds in a dump on mullberry with amanda lapore, or almost getting killed in crown heights. I need to move out by Oct 1st, please curb help me, my landlord got a broker for the place." Dude, you've got it. Here's the listing. [CurbedWire Inbox]