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Rent Guidelines Board Woken From Hibernation for Lawsuit

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Normally we only have to deal with the circus of the Rent Guidelines Board each May and June, when the collection of cronies holds their three raucous public meetings before jacking up stabilized rents, but when the RGB approved the biggest increase since 1989, we knew we hadn't heard the last about them this year. At a City Hall press conference yesterday, tenant groups announced a lawsuit filed against the Rent Guidelines Board for the supplemental hike that was approved, which called for an extra $45-$85 in monthly increases for those who have lived more than six years in an apartment and who pay $1,000 or less per month in rent. The lawsuit alleges the RGB violated state law by overcharging renters. City Council speaker Christine Quinn was on hand, and said, "Rent-stabilized tenants are under attack from all sides, and this unprecedented increase on longtime, low-income residents could very well drive some residents out of their homes." But no one could hear her over the pans.
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