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Rem Koolhaas Building is Big Flotation Device

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In the matchup of high-profile starchitecture reveals, the people have spoken, and they favor Rem Koolhaas' Madison Square Park stepchild over Herzog & de Meuron's Tribeca Jenga. But that's not the only bit of news concerning 23 East 22nd Street. The Post drops a massive Home section today, and in Katherine Dykstra's excellent roundup of new developments on the horizon, she reports a detail we didn't know about the sashaying mini-tower:

So how will Koolhaas do it? To give the building the strength to tilt, the floors nearly two-thirds up will have shorter ceiling heights (11 feet as opposed to the 15-plus found on other floors), thicker walls and smaller windows. All of which will make the segment denser, and thus stronger. But what the middle floors lose in ceiling height, they make up for in views - straight down, that is. Those five floors that cantilever out off their base have glass floors, meaning that buyers can literally walk out over the city.Or, at least, walk over the poor neighbor that the building cantilevers over. Still, it's a fun little flourish if upskirts are your thing.
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23 East 22nd Street

23 East 22nd Street, New York, NY