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CurbedWire: 808 Columbus Sleeved, Orchard Street Hell Building Outed

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UPPER WEST SIDE?The anchor of the Upper Upper West Side-changing Columbus Village, the one-time troubled 808 Columbus Avenue between 97th and 100th Streets, is in full-on glass mode, and at least one Curbed reader isn't too thrilled with what he's seeing. He writes, "I walked by 808 Columbus today and they are putting the glass in on the tower, along with sleeve covers on the through-the-wall air conditioning holes. These are condos right? No central air? Why would they do such a thing?" Who are you to question such a thing? This is Manhattan's most beneficial development we're talking about! [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER EAST SIDE?Wasn't it just a few hours ago we were musing on the abundance of Lower East Side hotel updates? And now, some thoughts on the Orchard Street Hell Building, rumored to have been sold: "At the last CB Housing Meeting, the developer (former developer?) of 180 Orchard/169 Ludlow stated that his building was NOT a hotel, never was a hotel - even though we managed to dig up a page on the DOB website, quite hidden, that showed hotel building plans noting 'hotel lobby' and 'pool.' Well - upon hearing the building was sold recently, I googled to find a sales notice. I just found this listing online, dated 7/20/08 - only a month after the last CB housing meeting. For sale - A 26 story HOTEL." Also, Verbal is Keyser Soze and the chick in The Crying Game is really a dudes. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Columbus Square

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180 Orchard Street

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