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Construction Watch: New LES Skyline Taking Shape on Ludlow

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It seems like every new day brings an update on some new Lower East Side hotel project, and who are we to break such an exciting streak? Today, it's 180 Ludlow Street, rising directly behind the luxury rental tower known to all as The Ludlow, and next to hipster holdout bar Max Fish. A tipster sent in the above photo shot from just east of Essex Street, and this sucker sure has grown since the last time we had a look. Architect H. Thomas O'Hara's design was originally permitted to grow 18 stories, but various tweaks to the plans had us thinking somewhere around 22. It looks like construction has reached 18 floors, with no visible flag of any kind on display to indicate that this puppy has topped out. No word on the hotel operator, nor have we seen a rendering. A source tells us we can expect "some sort of fancy restaurant from famous chef TK downstairs," which could pretty much be the slogan for the entire LES nowadays. NYC tourism peeps, are you listening?
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Hotel Ludlow

180 Ludlow Street, New York, NY