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LIC's The View: Now with Website Emphasizing Views

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The View, the condo that is designed to rock Long Island City's world (besides Arris Lofts) is now up and running with a website that is heavy on views, shots of the amenities and, well, happy people in love. (You expected testy spouses glaring at each other?) The site for the building we've called the Jesuscondo is a tease though, listing units that are available and the the maintenance on each as well as the tiny ($10-$20 a month) payment in lieu of taxes, but no prices for the units. Previously, the pricing on the Handel Architects-designed EastCoast 3 building from Rockrose was supposed to start at $760K for 1BRs, $1.2M for 2BRs and $1.465M for 3BRs. A tipster writes:

According to a credible source, 6 apartments have been contracted. Many more offers have been made and taken through the developer, only to fall through a few short weeks later due to inabilities to attain mortgages...Beware that you will see plenty of pretty pictures of amenities like a pool, lounge, kitchen, spa, gym, etc... all of which are actually across the street in the rental building. Oh, and no on site parking, that too is across the street in the rental building. $1,000/SF ???
Well, the Eastcoast Club is designed as a place "that feels like a first-class resort."
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