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Willets Point, Hunter's Point South Move on to the Next Fight

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Two of the biggest development plans knocking around--the huge Willets Point redevelopment and the massive Hunter's Point South development in Long Island City--got the thumbs up from the City Planning Commission today. There wasn't much drama either, except figuring out if both votes would be unanimous. They weren't. The Willets Point vote was 11-1 in favor, with a representative of Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum being the only no vote. Hunter's Point on the other hand, which would allow more than 5,000 apartments on land between Newtown Creek and Queens West passed by 12-0. The City Council now has two months to vote. The Hunters Point South issue is the level of affordability of the housing. The Willets Point issue is the fact that most businesses don't want to move. A majority of City Council members have signed a letter saying they oppose the Willets Point plan. All the Willets Point fun can be followed via a new blog, the Iron Triangle Tracker.
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