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Fur Flies in Coney: Sitt Says Official Making 'Personal Attacks'

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Anybody that thought a week could go by without more stuff hitting the fan in the ongoing shit show known as Coney Island redevelopment would have been oh so wrong. In fact, today, we have the blow back from last week's suggestion by Coney Island Development Corp. President Lynn Kelly that developer Joe Sitt is playing games in Coney. Today's Daily News has a letter from Mr. Sitt's lawyers that says, in effect, that Ms. Kelly is "mounting a campaign of deceit against Thor Equities" in the words of the News. The letter actually accuses her of "misstatements" that "are both factually incorrect and unhelpful...Make no mistake, her personal attacks on Thor do not create one new job, do not repair one inch of the boardwalk and certainly do not bring the city any closer to a viable plan to revitalizing this national treasure." Kelly said she wouldn't get "into a personal back and forth and I believe Thor's history speaks for itself." Of course, the background to some of the bad blood dates to the Amanda Burden-Joe Sitt thing last year and to last November when then-Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff called Mr. Sitt a "mall developer." The lawyer denies that Thor is trying to backdoor timeshare condos and that its "Summer of Hope" was a flop.
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