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NOMA No Mas: Uptown Rejects its Manhattanification

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Washington Heights and Inwood, the final frontiers of Manhattan's wave of gentrification and luxury development, appear to be pushing back against the forces that want to turn the northern 'hoods into the next Harlem. Streetsblog reports that Community Board 12 in Washington Heights has tabled a greenmarket for 185th Street out of concerns over noise, trash and parking. There is some symbolism in that move, because what greater sign of a yuppified neighborhood is there than legions of dog-walking locals browsing for organic rhubarb? But for a more direct message, we head a bit further north.

Inwoodite reports that NOMA 175?the well-publicized condo building at 175 Payson Avenue with the Manhattan attitude and sleek interiors?has been renamed Inwood Hill Condos. The focus, as seen on the website and above, is now on the building being a calming retreat from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, and the prices have been slashed dramatically. Ladies and gentlemen, for your safety, not everyone off the WaHI bandwagon at once, please.
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