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Gowanus Bombshell: Whole Foods Sinks Into Toxic Muck?

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The Gowanus Whole Foods is toast. That's the report today from Brownstoner, which says that the store "will never happen" per "a source with close connections to the State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the government agency that needs to sign off on the clean-up of the polluted site before any building can begin." The grocer has gotten permits from the Department of Buildings for foundation work and has even said that an announcement would be coming about the store moving forward, but it could be that the sinking economy combined with the cost of cleaning up and prepping the contaminated site has killed the store. The source says that even if the grocer opts to open a small store in Brooklyn it wouldn't use the Gowanus site. Wither the Gowanus grocery renaissance?
· Curtains for Whole Foods? [Brownstoner]