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CurbedWire: Chupi is Very Alive, Stay-cation at...Fresh Kills?

WEST VILLAGE?Yes, there has been much drama today about our beloved Palazzo Chupi IN CRISIS. First, there was news about the state of sales and (gasp) word the doorman was giving tours. Also, we had a claim that it is "unlivable" and that there are (Dear God, no) no closets. A Curbed operative dropped by and reported back: "Doorman nowhere to be seen, but double-doors open. Inside, a room flanked at the back with odd sculptures found a man on a hoist doing some sort of work. Chupi lives!!!" The Chupster lives! [CurbedWire]

STATEN ISLAND?Now we turn from the sublime's final opportunity of the season for a stay-cation at Fresh Kills. The Parks Department has tour itineraries and even has the, uh, courage to call them stay-cations: " If you haven’t visited Fresh Kills this summer, there’s still time! If you’ve been interested in taking a tour, but haven’t known what else there was to do near Fresh Kills, once you’ve made the trip over, the day-trip itineraries below can give you some ideas." More about the tours here.

Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014