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Flight of Park Slopers to Maplewood Continues

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This email from the Park Slope Parents list reminds us of the business about residents of the Brooklyn neighborhood taking tours to Jersey for fun and laughs, not to mention scouting out their next place to live. What about Maplewood, says a Sloper who is worried about getting near "bad areas" and whether they "filter into Maplewood":

My family is planning to move out of Park Slope, and like so many others, we are looking in Montclair and Maplewood. We have seen a few houses in Maplewood that are in our price range, but we are really not familiar with the neighborhoods there. Some of the places we've seen are near Maplecrest Park (the smaller park right off Springfield Ave), which is getting pretty close to the border of Irvington. We are concerned about getting too close to Irvington or Newark, but we are not sure how much these bad areas filter into Maplewood. In any town, there are areas that are more or less desirable than others, but we don't know what those areas are...Perhaps one of those van or limo tours in order to examine the neighborhoods?
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