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And Now, a Non-Boutique Brooklyn Hotel Property

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This is the Galaxy Motel and a video that just appeared on the YouTube. The place is in far Southern Brooklyn (think Starrett City), but the website says "Galaxy Motel is just minutes from popular attractions, like the Statue of Liberty national monument, celebrated Central Park, the Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium..." Then again, with room rates starting at $55 for four hours ($60 on Friday and Saturday) and a floodlit Jacuzzi, ($80 for the Jaccuzi room for the four hours) who needs tourist attraction halfway across the world in Manhattan? Also, foods within two blocks include White Castle, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Chinese food, Jamaican food and Indian food (with "burgers" and "pizza" listed again too). And, kids stay free! Eat your heart out Hotel Le Bleu. Rooms at the Galaxy are $100-$110 a night. Travelers be warned, however, they don't take reservations. Reviews are fairly positive except for, well, people upset by some of the patrons: " the night went on the activity in the halls, and loads of free porn on the television, made very clear that there are certain types of patrons that frequent this hotel. we're just glad we didn't have anything stolen from our rooms." Okay. Nonetheless, where's your YouTube, Le Bleu?
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