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Introducing the Curbed Marketplace

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Today, we're taking the wraps off something new here: the Curbed Marketplace. It's a place for sellers and brokers to post real estate listings, and for buyers to browse and search them. Please, before we go any further, do go take a look around.

So what is it about the Marketplace that differentiates it from other listings pages, of which there seems to be a new one launched every third day?

1) Approach. The idea behind the Marketplace isn't to aggregate every listing from every random brokerage in New York City. (We're not crawling other sites for our data—it's posted by brokers or sellers directly.) Rather, we're aiming to create an exchange focused on the quality of the listings and the pleasure of the browsing experience.

2) Look and Feel. We've designed the Marketplace to feature big, beautiful photographs, blog and map-style layouts of properties for perusing, and easy discovery of open houses. We're hoping this makes discovering a property—and selling one!—more fun.

3) Audience. Curbed reaches hundreds of thousands of real-estate obsessed New Yorkers each month, over four-fifths of whom don't work in the real estate industry. And our upgraded listings option, the Quicklisting, puts the vital details of a listing right on Curbed's homepage (labeled as advertising, natch).

As of now, the Marketplace is just for resale listings in New York City, though in the future we hope to expand to rentals and commercial listings. Meantime, we welcome feedback, thoughts, and bug reports to Brokers and sellers interested in advertising in the marketplace are invited to email or call (800) 830-8381. This will be fun.
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