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New LIC Hotel Has Manhattan Views & King Kong Diving Board

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Given that today seems to be about hotels from the new reveal on Ludlow Street to extra bedrooms being rented out to the Standard seen from street level, why not the forthcoming Holiday Inn Manhattan View in Long Island City. The Long Island City hotel will open in October and has 136 rooms, fitness center, pool, a restaurant with the unfortunate name of 39 Below, which makes us think of freezing to death next to a penguin in Antarctica and a lobby bar called Swirl, which may or may not bring to mind the word "hurl." But we're splitting hairs. Queens Crap described it this way: "The latest hotel in LIC has a diving board for King Kong at the top and a view of what appears to be a yellow-skied post-apocalyptic Manhattan. No curtains here, either - perfect for the exhibitionists who want everyone to see them doing the nasty!"

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