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Coney's Astroland to Die on Sunday

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Barring a last-minute change, Astroland will actually die on Sunday. Owner Carol Albert, who sold to developer Joe Sitt for $30 million two years ago, has told employees the amusement park will really walk the plank on Sunday. She's issued a statement saying she's giving up on negotiating a two-year lease with Thor Equities. A Thor spokesperson says the company is "disappointed" and says that Coney's rides will be "fully open for business in the summer of 2009." He told the Post that Mr. Sitt won't negotiate "through the media or with a gun held to his head." The firm seemed to indicate it might continue negotiating with Astroland's owner as the current lease runs through January. Thor's attempts at operating amusement during a "Summer of Hope" ended with all the attractions gone by the end of July. It is highly unlikely that any development of the Astroland property could be done until the end of the 2010 season, leaving many to wonder if it will be turned into a huge empty lot or used for bus parking for two years.
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