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On the Racked: Fashion Week and Fashion are Everywhere, Port 1961 Is Not Open, Trading Jewelry for Yoga

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[Image via Shiny Style]

1) Bryant Park: Fashion Week is upon us and Racked is going to be on hand for all of the insanity, not to mentions discussions about what to wear when covering it and parties and etc.

2) Brooklyn Bridge: Racked was also on hand for one of the more unique events of Fashion Indie Week Brooklyn (no relation) and has a full gallery of the models parading across the Brooklyn Bridge at rush hour.

3) MePa: Is Ports 1961's first New York City store really "opening soon"? Uh, the pictures tell a different story.

4) Williamsburg: Lisa Levine may be folding her jewelry store on Metropolitan Avenue, but she's opening up a yoga and reiki massage spot on Green Street, just off Franklin in Greenpoint.