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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Feeling Yellow on 35th Street

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Location: 202 East 35th Street
Asking: $4,995,000

A funky-looking townhouse with odd floorplans located in The Hill? We thought this week's PriceSpotter was a blockbuster, but whether it's a post-Labor Day hangover, end-of-summer blues or just general indifference, not many PriceSpotters took the bait. There was a close call, however, as one commenter guessed $5 million, and another said "I'm gonna go with $4.5 million though I would not be surprised if they were asking for considerably more." That's sort of the way we're conditioned to think, isn't it? Townhouses = mind-boggling prices. So...what the heck is wrong with this one?
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