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Hot Decks: Hell's Kitchen Goes to the Moon

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A reader asks, "How have you missed the development of a moonscape on a rooftop in the west 30s?!?" Now that, friends, is not the typical way to begin an e-mail. He continues, "I've been watching strange construction for a few months on a nearby rooftop. About a month ago they put up billboards advertising 'Creative Use of Space' and this website. So it looks like MINI is throwing a week of exclusive parties starting tonight (surprising given the apparent level of completion on the roof from my vantage point) and letting people onto their rooftop sculpture."

Promotional gimmickry aside, we had to add this one to our Hot Decks series if only to salute the automaker's effort. What better way to snatch the attention away from SmartCar sightings than to construct a green Manhattan roofdeck right out of a sci-fi movie? The photo above comes from the MINI Rooftop NYC website, and indeed, the first event?a Dazed & Confused magazine party featuring DJ Diplo?is tonight. Other "gigs, talks, parties" follow over the next two weeks. Another rendering (did someone say yoga?!) appears in the gallery, as well as pictures our tipster sent us from high above 34th Street. Trippy.
· MINI Rooftop NYC []