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And, Now, a Whole Lot of DIY Hotel Rooms Everywhere

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Are they temporary "roommates" or hotel guests renting places for way less than the $325.94 per night average cost of an NYC hotel room? It depends on who's asking. Today's Sun takes a look at hundreds of bedrooms in NYC apartments being rented out like hotel rooms and finds a whole lot of people are taking advantage of a "gray area" in the housing code to help pay the rent. Running your apartment as a hotel "probably runs afoul" of leases, if not the law. But there's sure an excellent selection available. For instance, this one on Bedford & N. 10 for $150 a night for a double room and this Dumbo loft for $175 a night or $1,000 a week and one and this 2BR West Village beauty for $300 a night, all from today's Craigslist "vacation rental" listings. One Baby Balazs interviewed by the Sun says that guests have flooded his bathroom and spilled red wine on his sheets, but that he gets $125 a night and couldn't pay the $2,500 a month rent without it. For those who like water views, there's this beauty in Staten Island for a mere $80 a night and the ferry ride is free.
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